3 free tips to promote your music studio

2 min readMay 8, 2021
Photo by Thomas Litangen on Unsplash

Great! You just opened your first rehearsal or recording space. But you are now struggling to build a community around your music studio.

Here are 3 easy things you can do to boost your music studio and grow your revenue.

Be active on social networks

Social medias such as Facebook or Instagram are an easy and free way of building an online community.

Create a Facebook page and an Instagram account for your studio, and regularly publish content on these platforms.

Got new equipment? Post about it on social media with some nice pictures. Musicians like music instruments and will be likely to share or talk about your posts.

Do not hesitate to share publications from musicians that are already using your spaces.

List your studio on online directories

Our online platform NoisyCamp allows you to list your first studio for free. We also provide some online booking features, allowing you to focus more on the creative activities of your studio.

You can also promote your space using classified ads. Craiglist has a musician community you can leverage to advertise about your studio for free.

Photo by Avi Naim on Unsplash

Organize small musical events

Organizing events targeting musicians will help you increase your customer base.

Musicians are constantly looking to buy or exchange instruments and equipment. Try organizing some second-hand sale and exchange events. These will bring new musicians to your premises.

You can also consider small introduction courses to some of the instruments that your studio provides. These will bring you some extra revenue, while potentially provide you new recurring customers.

If your space allows it, try to regularly put together small live concerts. These will promote your space on social media as a side effect.

Do you want to more efficiently manage your studio’s bookings?

We built NoisyCamp to make it easier for musicians to find and book venues for practicing and recording music.

Listing your first studio is free.

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