Generate extra revenue with your home studio

We all spend a significant part of our incomes on expensive music gears to equip our personal studios. Wouldn’t it be nice to generate some extra revenue from it with minimal effort?

Music gears are expensive.

Rent your studio online

Some services allow you to advertise your music studio online, and to receive booking inquiries directly into your mailbox.

NoisyCamp is an online platform that allows musicians to book your studio. Listing your first studio is free and only takes a few minutes.

Rates for rehearsal spaces start at €15/$20 per hour, while high-end recording and mastering studios can top €150/$200 per hour.

Provide mastering and recording services

Websites such as Soundbetter manage a directory of sound engineers.

By providing recording and/or mastering services, you will be able to earn a substantial amount of money while leveraging the use of your expensive studio’s equipment.

Teach music

Share your passion about music by teaching one music instrument. Craiglist has a musician community you can advertise your teaching services on.

You do not play an instrument but your space is suitable for teaching music? NoisyCamp has a dedicated section for music spaces that are adequate for teaching music.

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The online platform for rehearsal and recording spaces. Available on

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The online platform for rehearsal and recording spaces. Available on

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